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  • What's His Name (1994)

    What's His Name (1994)
    Keith Frank

    This album is Keith's first album on the Maison de Soul record label & most of the songs were composed by him. He enjoys writing his own songs, and gets many of the ideas by watching and listening to his fans.

    • Price: $12.98
  • Women's Home Music

    Women's Home Music
    Louisiana Folk Masters

    From the Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

    • Price: $20.00
  • Zydeco Festival

    Zydeco Festival

    Zydeco Festival is a collection from early in the Zydeco renaissance, when many of the shining stars of the genre were just beginning their careers as serious performers.

    • Price: $12.98
  • Zydeco Joe - Jack Rabbit

    Zydeco Joe - Jack Rabbit

    Whether it's Zydeco clubbin', trail ridin' or back porch bar-b-que'n, these are songs that will make a hot day cooler, a cool night hotter, and wanna make you wear down the soles on your shoes! Released in 2001, 11 tracks.

    • Price: $12.98
  • Zydeko Fever (2015)

    Zydeko Fever (2015)

    World renowned zydeco master, Chris Ardoin, is back with a brand new album... ZYDEKO FEVER!

    • Price: $15.98
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