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  • The Balfa Family: A Retrospective

    Rubber Bootleg Series CD
    • $12.00
    The Balfa Family: A Retrospective

    Released in 2012 Valcour Records has teamed up again with Festivals Acadiens et Créoles and the Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for this second release in the Rubber Bootleg Series, featuring selected festival performances by various configurations and members of The Balfa Family, spanning 1977 to 2010. The Balfas have helped shape Cajun music, how it is performed in different settings, the way it is preserved, and the way it progresses from one generation to the next. We owe them a great debt for their contribution to Louisiana music and we are honored to make this historical recording available.

    Track List

    1. Pine Grove Blues
    2. J'ai été au bal
    3. Viens me Chercher
    4. Lacassine Special
    5. Choupique
    6. French Blues
    7. Fiddlesticks - J'ai été au bal/Lost Indian Reel
    8. Quand j'étais pauvre
    9. Big Boy's Waltz
    10. Parlez-nous à boire
    11. J'ai pleuré
    12. Madeleine
    13. Mon vieux wagon
    14. Valse de Balfa
    15. Tu peux cogner
    16. Reel de Nonc Will
    17. La maraine
    18. Les barres de la prison
    19. Viens me chercher
    20. Two step des Festivals Acadiens