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  • La vieille musique Acadien [orig 1977] (2003)

    Dennis McGee & Sady Courville
    • $9.98
    La vieille musique Acadien [orig 1977] (2003)

    Dennis McGee and Sady Courville recorded many songs together over the years. They eventually traveled to Canada, New York, and Paris to play for several events. This CD contains original recordings of the last studio session of Sady and Dennis together. Digitally re-mastered and packaged with enhanced liner notes from the original LP release in 1977 (SW 6030). Re-issued on CD in 2003, 12 tracks.

    1. Kathleen’s Waltz
    2. Fruge’s Reel
    3. The Waltz of Love
    4. Courville Breakdown
    5. Waltz of the Magnolia Hill
    6. Cowboy Waltz
    7. Devillier Two Step
    8. Rosa Tomorrow Is Not Sunday (a/k/a Adieu Rosa)
    9. The Waltz That Finished in the Corner of the House
    10. Tante Aleene’s Waltz
    11. Napoleon’s Waltz
    12. Papa’s Waltz