Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys re-energize old songs with a drive that comes from the culture’s own rich bank of tradition and artistic sensibilities. And they create new songs that draw from that same bank. Inspired by an impressive list of old masters including Austin Pitre, Lawrence Walker, Aldus Roger, Belton Richard, Canray Fontenot, Dennis McGee, Wayne Perry, the Touchet Family, and of course the ever-present Dewey Balfa, they do more than make old classics come alive with new energy. They actually do what those old masters were doing. They improvise and create within the tradition, finding poetry in historical manuscripts and in the language of real life, and they manage to do this in a way that both innovates and preserves at the same time. Their sound is driven by breathtaking musicianship and deeply thoughtful creativity. This is Cajun music with a clear head, a strong heart and flying fingers.

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